Beginning with the Bellport waterfront estate of Mrs. Winthrop Gardiner 25 years ago, Varney Contracting and Design has performed expert residential renovation and restoration projects on some of the most prestigious and historic homes in Long Island, New York. Fred Varney, founder and president, learned carpentry tool techniques

Remodeling/New Construction

from his father, William Varney, and later learned advanced carpentry under the tutelage of his uncle, Don Soulnier, a master wood craftsman originally from Canada. Mr. Varney furthered his career by completing college courses in construction applications and architectural drafting. The Varney's reside in Brookhaven Hamlet with their


two sons, Sean and Mark, who are also key components of the Varney team. By working with noted designers such as Jamie Drake and Lars Bollander, new architectural designs and styles were introduced and further influenced Varney Contracting & Design's projects.